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Hiroyuki Ootani_PROTEANHIRO

Hiroyuki Ohtani

(Hiroyuki Otani) ​

1959 Born in Yatomi-cho, Kaifu-gun, Aichi Prefecture

Stayed in Illinois, USA for one year as an exchange student while studying at the Department of English and American Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Nanzan University in Nagoya. Taking advantage of his vacation, he traveled alone to Chicago, New York, Boston, Toronto, Montreal, etc. by Greyhound bus.

In 1981, he got a job at Toyota Motor in Aichi Prefecture. Assigned to the Public Relations Department, in charge of receiving VIPs from overseas, dealing with reporters, and creating publicity materials.

Moved to Nagoya in January 1989. Dealing with spare parts for overseas

From January 1994, he lived in Toronto, Canada for five years with his family. Responsible for overall after-sales service. Taking advantage of the holidays, my family of five traveled in almost all provinces of Canada while camping.

Returned to Japan in 1999. After that, he consistently belonged to the after-sales department and was involved in improvement activities for overseas dealers. 2006-2008 Belgium, 2013-2015 Los Angeles, USA. Visited 89 countries for work and private life. Take lots of photos at the places you visit and post them on your travel blog

Retired at the end of March 2022. Established PROTEAN HIRO Co., Ltd. in September. Based in Nagoya City, career consultant, improvement consultant, translator, English/Japanese teacher, photographer, camper car sharing business, etc.

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