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Company Profile



Representative Director Hiroyuki Otani



5-2116 Shimoshidami, Moriyama Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

contact address


e-mail      _cc781905-5cde-3193-6dbad58dbad3b


September 2022


Business content

・Career consultant, career-related seminar planning/management/business improvement consultant・English teacher, translator, interpreter・Professor of Japanese・Photography, sale of photos, photo school management, camper car sharing 

Corporate philosophy

PROTEAN Co., Ltd.HIRO uses the knowledge and know-how that we have cultivated in various fields, and aims to do work that is useful to people and makes them happy, like a protian.

Through various activities, we will expand social capital, continue to learn new things, and carry out various support activities that correspond to the era of 100-year lifespans.

Message from the President

After retiring from the company for 41 years, I am active in various fields using the knowledge and know-how I have cultivated through my work and hobbies, as well as the newly acquired qualifications and social capital.

While embodying a protean career (an ever-changing career), I would like to do a job that pleases people with what I like and what I am good at.

Do what you like and what you are good at, and do what makes people happy

Utilizing knowledge, know-how, newly acquired qualifications, social capital, etc. acquired through company life and hobbies, starting a small business, living life feeling IKIGAI

Always try new things. Aiming for the top level in each field

always a challenge. life without regrets. do anything right away
take care of family

Even if my life ends tomorrow, let's live a life without regrets


Graduated from Nanzan University, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of English and American Studies

Joined Toyota Motor Corporation
Implementation of improvement activities in overseas public relations and overseas after-sales departments
Residency in Canada (5 years), Belgium (3 years), USA (3 years)


Retired from Toyota Motor Corporation
Established PROTEAN HIRO Co., Ltd.

・Nationally qualified career consultant
・PROTEAN CAREER ASSOCIATION Certified Facilitator and Mentor
・Junior high school/high school English teacher qualification
・ Japanese language teacher qualification (completed the 420-hour curriculum of the Agency for Cultural Affairs)
・Certified lecturer by Japan Photography Lecturers Association



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